Short update

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Here is my dog Lake<3

Here i am! The trip went surprisingly well. The travel time from the moment I leave home in Egypt to the moment I’m in Lahti is 17 hours. It’s just so beautiful outside and it’s wonderful to breathe fresh air. I’m ready for the autumn!

I’ve had time to sit in my favorite cafe, Espresso House (first at the airport when I was waiting for the train and at this moment in Lahti when i’m writing this). Chai Latte? I may be hooked.

Today plan is a sitting on a laptop, go to the bank and walk around the shopping center for a while. I would also need woolfabric jacket and I thought to look for some inspiration for that. Beige, gray and black?

Today can’t be anything else than a good day, because it’s Friday and the sun is shining outside. Have a lovely weekend!

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